Time flies when you’re having fun!

January 24, 2012

Too much time has passed since my last post and so much has happened!  I’ve spent a little time trying to recall all that has happened since Thanksgiving and I’m not sure I can catalog all the events and happenings since then!  Time sure does fly when you’re chasing after 3 boys! 🙂  Here are a few of the things I can remember from the past two months.

1. We celebrated Christmas and Sam had his very first Christmas!  I think I counted 5 celebrations all together.

2. Isaiah lost 2 more teeth.

3. Sam finally got 2 teeth.

4. Owen is potty trained.  (However, he has recently decided that he’d rather wet his pants while playing downstairs than stop playing and come upstairs.)

5. Isaiah is signed up for Little League baseball and we will continue hearing about it daily until Spring finally arrives. We have tried to explain that baseball doesn’t start until the Spring. Today he said, “It’s February next, right?  Is that Spring time yet?”

6. Sam is anxious to start getting around.  I think he’s decided to bypass crawling.  The past few days he’s been rolling from one place to another and does this quite effectively.  Who needs crawling?

7. Owen decided to stick his head in the bean bag toss game that we have.  It got stuck (sort of) and he cried.  Chances are he’ll probably try it again. 🙂

8. Owen turned 3 on the 19th!  He insisted on having a number 4 candle for his cake. His airplane birthday party was a lot of fun!

9. Sam is on his first antibiotic.  After two awful nights of very little sleep we decided to take him to the Doctor.  He’s been such a healthy baby!

10. Isaiah gets out of bed at least once a night before going to sleep to ask an important question.  They have recently been something like, “Do you think I might hit a homerun?” or “Do you think my team will win?”  All referring to the upcoming baseball season of course.

11. Owen has a fever tonight…his first in a long time.  He must have caught Sam’s sickness. They were so healthy until now.  I suppose Winter has finally arrived!

12.  One of their favorite games continues to be having Sam chase them around.  They all absolutely love it, but especially Sam because he gets to be a part of the fun!  Just wait….

I suppose that’s a good, short summary of all that’s happened in the past two months. Never a dull moment at the Kettler house! 🙂



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