Thanksgiving prayer

November 27, 2011

Dear Lord,

Last night I walked past the boys’ room and checked on them as usual before heading to bed.  I pulled up their covers and made sure each animal and blankie was in it’s place.  You were wise to make them look so peaceful when they sleep.  Even on the most challenging days, my heart melts when I see their still faces.

Sometimes I am guilty of wishing my boys would do everything the way I want. I want them to wake up when I am ready. I wish for them to listen the first time. When 8:00 comes, I want them to fall asleep instantly and stay in bed all night!

But these are YOUR children. They are full of energy and life…And I love them so much! We prayed that you would bless us with children, and You gave us 3 amazing boys!

And sometimes I take that gift for granted.

Lord, help me to correct my attitude.  When their whiny voices wake me and beg for breakfast to be made.  When I’m cleaning up the mess of the spilled cereal.  When I am rinsing out the 3rd pair of clothes for my potty-trainer.  When I referee the fight over the cars.

Once they start playing under the bathroom cupboards as I try to get ready, may I remember to cherish the fun that they have together, instead of wishing they’d find somewhere else to play.

And when they’ve gone from playing under the cupboards to running through the house and into the room where Sam is sleeping, may I be thankful for children who are healthy enough to run, instead of being upset that they’ve woken Sam up.

As soon as the clock says it’s time to get out the door and they are still working to zip up their coats, and put on their shoes, help me to resist the “hurry up” and instead remember that they are gaining independence.

And at the end of the day, when they giggle themselves silly and fight going to sleep, may I soak it all in because it means they are happy.

Lord, this is my desire, because I won’t get today’s minutes back.

In the midst of all the joys and challenges may I remember to be thankful!   Thank you for choosing me to be their mommy.





One Response to “Thanksgiving prayer”

  1. Grandma said

    AMEN! What a beautiful prayer! It brought tears to my eyes when I read it.

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