A First Field Trip

October 17, 2011

Isaiah had his first field trip today!  He’s been talking about it forever it seems…since he first found out about it a few weeks ago.  His class would be going to Autumn Acres in Oskaloosa and he told everyone he saw in the following days.  He was so excited!  Last night, he made sure I had his lunch box out.  He wanted me to pack his lunch so he could watch, but I assured him that I’d take care of it once he was in bed.  He told me exactly what to pack….the usual peanut butter and jelly (his favorite), pudding (with a certain spoon),  chips, a banana, and a juice box.  I’m not sure how he slept at all last night after all the hype!

He woke up bright and early this morning and came into our room to check to see if Daddy was busy getting ready to go along.  He spent the remainder of the morning asking if it was time to go yet.  This was about every few minutes or so over the course of about an hour.  We were relieved when it actually WAS time for him to go so we didn’t have to hear the question again. 🙂  He headed out the door with lunch box in hand and a big smile on his face.  BUT then there was Owen. How could there be a story without mention of Owen?!  Owen was left behind in tears because he wanted to go to school with Isaiah too.  After they left and he had waved out the window with his shoes in hand, he told me that he could go to school when he was bigger too.  “Someday, Owen.”  I said.  “Someday when I’m three I can go to school too…when I get bigger I can go to school like Zayah.  Daddy can take me to my school too.”

Isaiah had a wonderful time on his field trip, despite the cold, dreary weather.  Jon said that it was fun to see him interacting with friends.  He has a close friend whose name is Charlie.  Isaiah and Charlie did everything together today!  They seem to have lots of fun together!  As his Mom, it makes me so happy to know that he’s making friends and having fun at school.  He absolutely LOVES preschool!

We also had a Fun Family Fall Party this weekend with Jon’s parents and Jenny and Marty and their kids.  There were pumpkins and more pumpkins, orange pop and every kind of orange food you can imagine, a pumpkin hunt, a pumpkin wrap/unwrap game, and plenty of cousin play time.  We even managed to have a friend take some pictures of all 7 kids together!  I’m so excited to see how the pictures turned out!  It was crazy to say the least, and I doubt there is a picture with all of them looking, smiling, or sitting still all at the same time.  What great memories we/they will have!!  Someday it will be much easier to get a picture of them all sitting still, but right now they are all very busy and very active!




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