October 2, 2011

Fall is here!  We made a weekend trip to the Pumpkin Farm in Grinnell to enjoy the beautiful Fall weather.  I think it may have to become a Fall tradition!  The boys were also thrilled to get to experience their very first ride on a combine!  Our neighbors invited us to come to their parents’ family farm where the harvest was in full swing.  Isaiah and Owen got to ride in the combine for several rounds and then switched and rode in the treaded tractor that was pulling the wagon.  I know they thoroughly enjoyed their time!  When we got home they couldn’t stop talking about it.  Owen has requested that we tell the “combine story” every night since at bed time.

Although I must admit that I was freezing while I was standing in the middle of the dark, yet peaceful field, I wondered aloud at how amazing the process of the harvest really is.  I never really took the time before to ask how a combine worked, or what happened to all that corn…I think I learned as much as the boys. 🙂  It was one of those nights- the BIG sky with all those stars, the moon, the sunset, the field, and the smell in the air- I was reminded just how BIG and how good our God is.

The LORD will indeed give what is good,
and our land will yield its harvest.    -Psalm 85:12


One Response to “Fall”

  1. Grandma said

    Love these pictures!

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