Isaiah turns 5!

September 21, 2011

I came across a photo of Isaiah’s 2nd birthday that I just had to post.  So many memories came flooding back when I looked through the album of photos on my computer.  We didn’t know how easy we had it with one little guy! 🙂  It’s hard to believe so much time has passed since he was 2 … and since the day he was born!  I have so many wonderful memories from the first 5 years, and I look forward to the many more to come.  Since we’re celebrating his 5th birthday, we decided to pick our 5 favorite traits about Isaiah!

1.  His love of sports!

The way he watches baseball games and remembers details about how their shoes kick up dirt, how they stretch with their bats, or the way their socks are pulled up.  He loves every type of sports gear that there is: helmets, gloves, wrist bands, sweat bands, long short and up shorts, number shirts, etc. The list goes on!  Another sports related specific we remember was when he went out to run “laps” because he’d heard that athletes did this in practice.  Such a funny boy!

2.  His tender heart

I remember he used to tear up when a commercial with sad music came on…it was about adopting a pet.  He also used to cry when Owen was a baby because he felt bad.  The song “Away in a Manger” was another one that really got to him. 🙂

3.  His love of the outdoors

He looks longingly out the window in the Winter and asks lots of questions about when it will be Spring time again so it will be warm outside and he can wear shorts.

4.  He’s a planner!  (Hmmmm….he takes after me?)

He’s always got something planned out for the day!  Sometimes he starts his day off by asking me, “So Mommy, what’s your plan for today?”  If I don’t have an answer, he tells me what we should be doing or what he’d like to do.  I’m pretty sure he’s made his Fridays at Tracy’s his day for tatoos. That was all his plan!

5.  His patience

With a two year old brother like Owen, and a 4 month old brother, Isaiah has been very patient!  I know patience is such a hard thing for little ones to learn, but he has definitely grown into his role as the firstborn.  He plays so well with Owen and has started to let Owen have turns first (he knows he can avoid some screaming).  It’s fun to watch him grow up!!

We were so blessed 5 years ago today when Isaiah joined our family and made us a family of 3!   We are so blessed today to have a family of 5!   Isaiah will be a wonderful leader for his younger brothers to look up to!

Isaiah quote from today:  Grandma called to wish him a happy birthday and his response was, “Yeah, but I haven’t grown yet or anything”.




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