Vaseline, toothpaste, water, and sawdust….sounds like Owen?

September 15, 2011


As Sam was crying and I was hurriedly making a bottle, Owen saw an opportunity to sneak off!  I heard the water running full blast in the bathroom, which is a common occurrence  throughout our day.  I didn’t think much of it and kept calling with my usual reminders.  “Owen, turn off the water please.  You don’t need any more drinks…..Your shirt will be all wet again…Mommy and Daddy have to pay for all that water!”  Of course, there was no response down the hall.  I finished making the bottle and picked Sam up.  He was quite upset by this time.  I quickly stuck the bottle in his mouth and walked down the hall towards the bathroom.  At first glance, I thought Owen had gotten into the soap again and had bubbles all over his hands.  A second look told me otherwise!  VASELINE??!!  At just the right moment, Daddy happened to walk in the door.  What a relief!  🙂  Lots of soap and a shower later, he was mostly clean.  I proceeded to tell Jon that it’d just been one of those days that he seemed to be into everything.  Earlier that day, he had flooded the same bathroom counter and cupboards with water when trying to fill his water bottle.  Luckily, the kleenex box was the only thing that was ruined.  Not too long after the flood, he decided to brush his teeth for the second time.  By the time I heard water and went to see what he was up to, there was blue tooth paste smeared on the floor, counter, cupboards, rug, and walls.  When I asked him what had happened, he simply said, “I sowwy Mommy.  I dopped my toofbus. It will be ok. I can keen it up.”  He grabbed for a kleenex to start wiping it up.

Tonight, Owen decided to try out sawdust.  He threw it up in the air, only to find out that it would come right back down all over him.  Down his shirt, diaper, on his coat, and in his hair.  I suppose we’re used to it by now.  These are the things that Owen does!  He’s a curious and independent 2 and a half year old. We love who God has created him to be, even though we are weary after a day of chasing him around and cleaning up his messes.  God has given us Owen to teach us many things; amongst these are trsut in Him….and patience.

When I post again, I will write about Isaiah as we will be celebrating his birthday this weekend!  I’ve been thinking about and preparing for the party for our big 5 year old, so I laughed when I came across this quote at school this week.

“Cleaning up with children around is like shoveling during a blizzard.” – unknown   

I’m guessing the author of this quote was a parent!  I know in the grand scheme of things it won’t matter if the house is picked up. We can celebrate our firstborn son’s special day in a dirty, messy house just as we can in a clean one.  The more dirt and mess, the better I suppose.  I’ll have to keep telling myself that….I know you’re laughing! 🙂


One Response to “Vaseline, toothpaste, water, and sawdust….sounds like Owen?”

  1. Grandma said

    We wouldn’t want Owen any other way! We love him just like he is! God is smiling!!!

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