A Day In the Country

September 13, 2011

“One day in the country is worth a

month in the city.”

Author: Unknown
Lately, Isaiah and Owen have been playing outside together.  They do this when they get up in the morning.  Never mind that they are still in their pajamas, pull-up, and saggy diaper.  I chase them back inside while I’m still wearing my pj’s and carrying Sam with a bottle in his mouth.  This is usually followed by a window of time in which I attempt to get them interested in something else and hurry off to get myself ready. Shortly after, I hear the creak of a door.  When I come to check on them, I find them in the garage playing, and the door from the garage to the house left wide open.  (I’ve tried to explain that we don’t want the flies to come in our house but that doesn’t seem to bother them.) 🙂  Owen is usually riding his motorcycle in his froggy boots and still in those pajamas I haven’t managed to talk him into taking off.  Isaiah joins in on the fun too, but by this time he’s wearing his long socks, shorts, some sort of team shirt with a number on it, baseball shoes, and a baseball helmet…all while riding a bike with training wheels that looks much too small for him now.  I chase Owen around the van in circles a few times before I talk him into coming inside.  It seems I spend most of my time in the morning trying to keep them indoors!  As soon as Jon comes home for lunch and they are done eating, they run out to play for a while before it’s time to go to Tracy’s.  As soon as we get home from Tracy’s in the afternoon, they request that I leave the garage door up so they can play outside again.  We are only able to get them to come in for supper, if they’re hungry, and when the sun starts to set.  Two little boys come whining in the door filled with questions about why they have to come inside and if they can play outside again tomorrow.  Their hands and feet are evidence of their evening spent outdoors.  They need a bath nearly every night to scrub off all the dirt!  I know that they have absolutely loved living here in the country.  We’re so thankful to be away from the busy street where we can let them go out to play on their own*.  (*sometimes)  We LOVE to watch them play together!  I was able to get a few pictures of the two of them playing together this week.  I’m sure Sam will someday be a part of these pictures as well!

One Response to “A Day In the Country”

  1. Grandma said

    Love these pictures! What memories they are making! Enjoy every minute of it (even as you’re chasing them)! They’ll grow up and be out of the home all too soon!

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