January 24, 2012

Since I did a post on Isaiah’s birthday, it would only be fair for me to do one for Owen!  Owen is 3, so we’ll do the 3 favorite traits of Owen.

1.  His big hugs and kisses!  He can be such a stinker, but he is quite the teddy bear too.

2.  His sense of humor.  Oh, the things he says…

3.  His eyes.  They are big, brown, and full of emotion.  He can use his eyes to tell quite a story!




Too much time has passed since my last post and so much has happened!  I’ve spent a little time trying to recall all that has happened since Thanksgiving and I’m not sure I can catalog all the events and happenings since then!  Time sure does fly when you’re chasing after 3 boys! 🙂  Here are a few of the things I can remember from the past two months.

1. We celebrated Christmas and Sam had his very first Christmas!  I think I counted 5 celebrations all together.

2. Isaiah lost 2 more teeth.

3. Sam finally got 2 teeth.

4. Owen is potty trained.  (However, he has recently decided that he’d rather wet his pants while playing downstairs than stop playing and come upstairs.)

5. Isaiah is signed up for Little League baseball and we will continue hearing about it daily until Spring finally arrives. We have tried to explain that baseball doesn’t start until the Spring. Today he said, “It’s February next, right?  Is that Spring time yet?”

6. Sam is anxious to start getting around.  I think he’s decided to bypass crawling.  The past few days he’s been rolling from one place to another and does this quite effectively.  Who needs crawling?

7. Owen decided to stick his head in the bean bag toss game that we have.  It got stuck (sort of) and he cried.  Chances are he’ll probably try it again. 🙂

8. Owen turned 3 on the 19th!  He insisted on having a number 4 candle for his cake. His airplane birthday party was a lot of fun!

9. Sam is on his first antibiotic.  After two awful nights of very little sleep we decided to take him to the Doctor.  He’s been such a healthy baby!

10. Isaiah gets out of bed at least once a night before going to sleep to ask an important question.  They have recently been something like, “Do you think I might hit a homerun?” or “Do you think my team will win?”  All referring to the upcoming baseball season of course.

11. Owen has a fever tonight…his first in a long time.  He must have caught Sam’s sickness. They were so healthy until now.  I suppose Winter has finally arrived!

12.  One of their favorite games continues to be having Sam chase them around.  They all absolutely love it, but especially Sam because he gets to be a part of the fun!  Just wait….

I suppose that’s a good, short summary of all that’s happened in the past two months. Never a dull moment at the Kettler house! 🙂


Thanksgiving prayer

November 27, 2011

Dear Lord,

Last night I walked past the boys’ room and checked on them as usual before heading to bed.  I pulled up their covers and made sure each animal and blankie was in it’s place.  You were wise to make them look so peaceful when they sleep.  Even on the most challenging days, my heart melts when I see their still faces.

Sometimes I am guilty of wishing my boys would do everything the way I want. I want them to wake up when I am ready. I wish for them to listen the first time. When 8:00 comes, I want them to fall asleep instantly and stay in bed all night!

But these are YOUR children. They are full of energy and life…And I love them so much! We prayed that you would bless us with children, and You gave us 3 amazing boys!

And sometimes I take that gift for granted.

Lord, help me to correct my attitude.  When their whiny voices wake me and beg for breakfast to be made.  When I’m cleaning up the mess of the spilled cereal.  When I am rinsing out the 3rd pair of clothes for my potty-trainer.  When I referee the fight over the cars.

Once they start playing under the bathroom cupboards as I try to get ready, may I remember to cherish the fun that they have together, instead of wishing they’d find somewhere else to play.

And when they’ve gone from playing under the cupboards to running through the house and into the room where Sam is sleeping, may I be thankful for children who are healthy enough to run, instead of being upset that they’ve woken Sam up.

As soon as the clock says it’s time to get out the door and they are still working to zip up their coats, and put on their shoes, help me to resist the “hurry up” and instead remember that they are gaining independence.

And at the end of the day, when they giggle themselves silly and fight going to sleep, may I soak it all in because it means they are happy.

Lord, this is my desire, because I won’t get today’s minutes back.

In the midst of all the joys and challenges may I remember to be thankful!   Thank you for choosing me to be their mommy.





November 3, 2011


THE BOYS have had their fighting moments lately…yelling, hitting, crying moments.  But they have also had many wonderful moments that make my heart dance with JOY as I watch!  It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed.  October has come and gone and November has arrived.  Sam is 6 months: eating baby food, rolling, wiggling, and moving all over, laughing and squealing at his beloved brothers, drooling, teething, and grabbing at everything.  It’s been so much fun to watch him grow and change so quickly.  It’s so funny to watch him with Isaiah and Owen.  He so badly wants to get up and play with them.  He even has a special language that he uses only with them!

Isaiah continues to love preschool and talks about recess, gym, and his friend Charlie.  He recently started to read and is proud of the little books that he can read all by himself!  Jonathan and I were looking forward to attending his first parent teacher conference tonight after school.  We weren’t sure what to expect, but were elated to find out that he’s doing very well….AND uses manners, follows directions, listens…all things we have struggled with at home lately. 🙂  I suppose I’d rather him do these things at school, and save the other for home.  He had his first dress up days at school and got to wear his PJ’s one day and then his Halloween costume.  He looks forward to school and is always asking, “Is tomorrow a school day?”  Owen is always sad when the answer is “yes” because he wants Isaiah to come to Tracy’s with him.  He’s especially happy on Fridays when Isaiah gets to go with him.  Owen continues to be Owen.  🙂  He talks all the time, and is always into something.  He even manages to keep getting hurt.  He’s our injury prone kid!  He fell when he was in the church nursery this past week and cut his lip and nose.  At least there were no stitches!  We were thankful to make it through a Halloween party and hayrack ride without any injuries.  I had fun riding along with him and holding him on my lap.  He was cuddly and talkative.  Each time the tractor would stop for us to get off to “trick-or-treat” at another house, Owen would say, “Huwwy, huwwy Mommy!  Before the twacto leaves!”  He pulled my arm along as we ran to the front door.  Long before we  made it to the door he was saying, “Twick o tweat!”  He really enjoyed himself this year and started to understand that each time we stopped it was time to get more “tweats”.  He talked and talked about the tractor, the kids, and all the houses that we were going to stop at next.

After Halloween comes November.  Thanksgiving– and Christmas is just around the corner. Time has a way of racing ahead of me and leaving me breathless and dazed.  There’s nothing I can do to slow the hours but I can savor the moments.  I want to remember.  It seems like not long ago when we greeted our first-born.  Now, I watch as he goes off to school and becomes more independent each day.

“I don’t really want more time. I just want enough time. Time to breathe deep and time to see real and time to laugh long, time to give You glory and rest deep and sing  joy and just enough time in a day not to feel hounded, pressed, driven, wild to get it done- yesterday…” (1000 Gifts, Ann Voskamp)




October 26, 2011


Tiger Mothers? Or the Making of Velveteen Mothers.


Although this isn’t a post about the boys, it’s one about being their mother. 🙂  I have enjoyed reading Ann Voskamp’s book and now follow her blog:  aholyexperience.com    She posted this today.



A First Field Trip

October 17, 2011

Isaiah had his first field trip today!  He’s been talking about it forever it seems…since he first found out about it a few weeks ago.  His class would be going to Autumn Acres in Oskaloosa and he told everyone he saw in the following days.  He was so excited!  Last night, he made sure I had his lunch box out.  He wanted me to pack his lunch so he could watch, but I assured him that I’d take care of it once he was in bed.  He told me exactly what to pack….the usual peanut butter and jelly (his favorite), pudding (with a certain spoon),  chips, a banana, and a juice box.  I’m not sure how he slept at all last night after all the hype!

He woke up bright and early this morning and came into our room to check to see if Daddy was busy getting ready to go along.  He spent the remainder of the morning asking if it was time to go yet.  This was about every few minutes or so over the course of about an hour.  We were relieved when it actually WAS time for him to go so we didn’t have to hear the question again. 🙂  He headed out the door with lunch box in hand and a big smile on his face.  BUT then there was Owen. How could there be a story without mention of Owen?!  Owen was left behind in tears because he wanted to go to school with Isaiah too.  After they left and he had waved out the window with his shoes in hand, he told me that he could go to school when he was bigger too.  “Someday, Owen.”  I said.  “Someday when I’m three I can go to school too…when I get bigger I can go to school like Zayah.  Daddy can take me to my school too.”

Isaiah had a wonderful time on his field trip, despite the cold, dreary weather.  Jon said that it was fun to see him interacting with friends.  He has a close friend whose name is Charlie.  Isaiah and Charlie did everything together today!  They seem to have lots of fun together!  As his Mom, it makes me so happy to know that he’s making friends and having fun at school.  He absolutely LOVES preschool!

We also had a Fun Family Fall Party this weekend with Jon’s parents and Jenny and Marty and their kids.  There were pumpkins and more pumpkins, orange pop and every kind of orange food you can imagine, a pumpkin hunt, a pumpkin wrap/unwrap game, and plenty of cousin play time.  We even managed to have a friend take some pictures of all 7 kids together!  I’m so excited to see how the pictures turned out!  It was crazy to say the least, and I doubt there is a picture with all of them looking, smiling, or sitting still all at the same time.  What great memories we/they will have!!  Someday it will be much easier to get a picture of them all sitting still, but right now they are all very busy and very active!




October 2, 2011

Fall is here!  We made a weekend trip to the Pumpkin Farm in Grinnell to enjoy the beautiful Fall weather.  I think it may have to become a Fall tradition!  The boys were also thrilled to get to experience their very first ride on a combine!  Our neighbors invited us to come to their parents’ family farm where the harvest was in full swing.  Isaiah and Owen got to ride in the combine for several rounds and then switched and rode in the treaded tractor that was pulling the wagon.  I know they thoroughly enjoyed their time!  When we got home they couldn’t stop talking about it.  Owen has requested that we tell the “combine story” every night since at bed time.

Although I must admit that I was freezing while I was standing in the middle of the dark, yet peaceful field, I wondered aloud at how amazing the process of the harvest really is.  I never really took the time before to ask how a combine worked, or what happened to all that corn…I think I learned as much as the boys. 🙂  It was one of those nights- the BIG sky with all those stars, the moon, the sunset, the field, and the smell in the air- I was reminded just how BIG and how good our God is.

The LORD will indeed give what is good,
and our land will yield its harvest.    -Psalm 85:12

Isaiah turns 5!

September 21, 2011

I came across a photo of Isaiah’s 2nd birthday that I just had to post.  So many memories came flooding back when I looked through the album of photos on my computer.  We didn’t know how easy we had it with one little guy! 🙂  It’s hard to believe so much time has passed since he was 2 … and since the day he was born!  I have so many wonderful memories from the first 5 years, and I look forward to the many more to come.  Since we’re celebrating his 5th birthday, we decided to pick our 5 favorite traits about Isaiah!

1.  His love of sports!

The way he watches baseball games and remembers details about how their shoes kick up dirt, how they stretch with their bats, or the way their socks are pulled up.  He loves every type of sports gear that there is: helmets, gloves, wrist bands, sweat bands, long short and up shorts, number shirts, etc. The list goes on!  Another sports related specific we remember was when he went out to run “laps” because he’d heard that athletes did this in practice.  Such a funny boy!

2.  His tender heart

I remember he used to tear up when a commercial with sad music came on…it was about adopting a pet.  He also used to cry when Owen was a baby because he felt bad.  The song “Away in a Manger” was another one that really got to him. 🙂

3.  His love of the outdoors

He looks longingly out the window in the Winter and asks lots of questions about when it will be Spring time again so it will be warm outside and he can wear shorts.

4.  He’s a planner!  (Hmmmm….he takes after me?)

He’s always got something planned out for the day!  Sometimes he starts his day off by asking me, “So Mommy, what’s your plan for today?”  If I don’t have an answer, he tells me what we should be doing or what he’d like to do.  I’m pretty sure he’s made his Fridays at Tracy’s his day for tatoos. That was all his plan!

5.  His patience

With a two year old brother like Owen, and a 4 month old brother, Isaiah has been very patient!  I know patience is such a hard thing for little ones to learn, but he has definitely grown into his role as the firstborn.  He plays so well with Owen and has started to let Owen have turns first (he knows he can avoid some screaming).  It’s fun to watch him grow up!!

We were so blessed 5 years ago today when Isaiah joined our family and made us a family of 3!   We are so blessed today to have a family of 5!   Isaiah will be a wonderful leader for his younger brothers to look up to!

Isaiah quote from today:  Grandma called to wish him a happy birthday and his response was, “Yeah, but I haven’t grown yet or anything”.




As Sam was crying and I was hurriedly making a bottle, Owen saw an opportunity to sneak off!  I heard the water running full blast in the bathroom, which is a common occurrence  throughout our day.  I didn’t think much of it and kept calling with my usual reminders.  “Owen, turn off the water please.  You don’t need any more drinks…..Your shirt will be all wet again…Mommy and Daddy have to pay for all that water!”  Of course, there was no response down the hall.  I finished making the bottle and picked Sam up.  He was quite upset by this time.  I quickly stuck the bottle in his mouth and walked down the hall towards the bathroom.  At first glance, I thought Owen had gotten into the soap again and had bubbles all over his hands.  A second look told me otherwise!  VASELINE??!!  At just the right moment, Daddy happened to walk in the door.  What a relief!  🙂  Lots of soap and a shower later, he was mostly clean.  I proceeded to tell Jon that it’d just been one of those days that he seemed to be into everything.  Earlier that day, he had flooded the same bathroom counter and cupboards with water when trying to fill his water bottle.  Luckily, the kleenex box was the only thing that was ruined.  Not too long after the flood, he decided to brush his teeth for the second time.  By the time I heard water and went to see what he was up to, there was blue tooth paste smeared on the floor, counter, cupboards, rug, and walls.  When I asked him what had happened, he simply said, “I sowwy Mommy.  I dopped my toofbus. It will be ok. I can keen it up.”  He grabbed for a kleenex to start wiping it up.

Tonight, Owen decided to try out sawdust.  He threw it up in the air, only to find out that it would come right back down all over him.  Down his shirt, diaper, on his coat, and in his hair.  I suppose we’re used to it by now.  These are the things that Owen does!  He’s a curious and independent 2 and a half year old. We love who God has created him to be, even though we are weary after a day of chasing him around and cleaning up his messes.  God has given us Owen to teach us many things; amongst these are trsut in Him….and patience.

When I post again, I will write about Isaiah as we will be celebrating his birthday this weekend!  I’ve been thinking about and preparing for the party for our big 5 year old, so I laughed when I came across this quote at school this week.

“Cleaning up with children around is like shoveling during a blizzard.” – unknown   

I’m guessing the author of this quote was a parent!  I know in the grand scheme of things it won’t matter if the house is picked up. We can celebrate our firstborn son’s special day in a dirty, messy house just as we can in a clean one.  The more dirt and mess, the better I suppose.  I’ll have to keep telling myself that….I know you’re laughing! 🙂

A Day In the Country

September 13, 2011

“One day in the country is worth a

month in the city.”

Author: Unknown
Lately, Isaiah and Owen have been playing outside together.  They do this when they get up in the morning.  Never mind that they are still in their pajamas, pull-up, and saggy diaper.  I chase them back inside while I’m still wearing my pj’s and carrying Sam with a bottle in his mouth.  This is usually followed by a window of time in which I attempt to get them interested in something else and hurry off to get myself ready. Shortly after, I hear the creak of a door.  When I come to check on them, I find them in the garage playing, and the door from the garage to the house left wide open.  (I’ve tried to explain that we don’t want the flies to come in our house but that doesn’t seem to bother them.) 🙂  Owen is usually riding his motorcycle in his froggy boots and still in those pajamas I haven’t managed to talk him into taking off.  Isaiah joins in on the fun too, but by this time he’s wearing his long socks, shorts, some sort of team shirt with a number on it, baseball shoes, and a baseball helmet…all while riding a bike with training wheels that looks much too small for him now.  I chase Owen around the van in circles a few times before I talk him into coming inside.  It seems I spend most of my time in the morning trying to keep them indoors!  As soon as Jon comes home for lunch and they are done eating, they run out to play for a while before it’s time to go to Tracy’s.  As soon as we get home from Tracy’s in the afternoon, they request that I leave the garage door up so they can play outside again.  We are only able to get them to come in for supper, if they’re hungry, and when the sun starts to set.  Two little boys come whining in the door filled with questions about why they have to come inside and if they can play outside again tomorrow.  Their hands and feet are evidence of their evening spent outdoors.  They need a bath nearly every night to scrub off all the dirt!  I know that they have absolutely loved living here in the country.  We’re so thankful to be away from the busy street where we can let them go out to play on their own*.  (*sometimes)  We LOVE to watch them play together!  I was able to get a few pictures of the two of them playing together this week.  I’m sure Sam will someday be a part of these pictures as well!